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Because you know we need to create a better “system.” One that allows all of us to live in peace, enjoy a higher standard of living, and unlock maximum human productivity, creativity and happiness — for everyone.

We are living in an amazing and unprecedented human era. Rapid technological advances are empowering the individual at the very time that billions of people are growing disillusioned with the status quo and politicians’ inability to safeguard our personal values, protect our economic futures, and fortify what should be our fundamental freedoms.

A Penny For Newton discusses the new ways that all the above can be achieved for all eight billion of us by employing peaceful, emerging technologies to protect all life and property from the coercive efforts of the few.

We need you. It’s up to those of us who care enough about the near future and about posterity. Democracy is the best method of human interaction, but it’s 2,000 years old and it’s been gradually corrupted into a system that rewards the use of coercion.

Now otherwise retired, this is how I will spend the rest of my life. I am 65 years old and this is the hill I will die on; spreading the word that new and preferable methods of social governance are being made possible for the first time — and we need these better “systems” to ensure the long-term survival of our species and the full flourishing of humanity on this planet and eventually on others.

If you believe a better world is possible, you will be welcome here.

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